Aim Lab free on Steam

If you are like me and aren’t as adept at aiming and shooting in FPS games as I once was and need some help, this free game should help. It analyses your shooting style and gives you tuition and exercises to help. Very cool.


Thanks Friend. I see it’s in early release. I’ll download it and give it a try.

Thanks for the post. interesting training game. I like it and it seems pretty good at pointing out what I need to work on.

Anyone still using this? Wonder how to compare the Star Citizen settings for FOV and sensitivity with Aim Lab settings.

For FOV and mouse sensitivity, it is all adjustable to make it match and there is a default Star Citizen setting (no idea how accurate it is). It isn’t a bad training tool, but I feel most of the training exercises is focused on other shooter game styles like CS or Valorant.