Ahoy ADI, I am Artherius

Hello everyone,

I am a new player to Space Sim and Star Citizen. Happy to be here and to meet you all!

By the way, if I could pick someone’s brain concerning HOTAS, it would be great, I have some trouble choosing one!

See you in the 'Verse.

Hello Artherius, welcome to ADI.

There are loads of posts about HOTAS on the forum but if you would like to speak to someone directly, join us on Mumble or Discord. There is always someone willing to help. :slight_smile:

Yes, feel free to join us on mumble. We can go through the final steps of getting you on board and talk about the wonderful world of HOTAS.

Welcome Artherius,

glad to have you on board! Lots of players in ADI use a HOTAS, so hopefully you got some guidance. If not, hop into Mumble. It’s a good place to pick peoples brains and also to help familiarize yourself with a few of the many ADI members. I Hope to see you at the next Friday night flight night, and welcome once again.