Adamit Introduction

Hello All,

I’m Adam, aka Adamit. Six year veteran of the USAF and long tine Star Citizen backer. Looking for an active group to game with. I’m based out of California currently.


Welcome to ADI Adamit, hope you enjoy your time here, Look forward to seeing you in the Verse.

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Sweet mercy … ANOTHER Air Force person!

Welcome to ADI!


Weclome Adamit! I’m Saphnon, one of the Team Leads with the C&T division. Glad to have another fellow wingman aboard! I’ve just reached my 8 year mark. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. See you in the verse!


Thanks, I definitely will.

Welcome to ADI Adamit. Good to have another vet here. Was a pleasure to onboard you.

Hey Adam welcome I’m an Army vet and in California too, glad to see so many other veterans.

Welcome to ADI Admit! I hope to see you around in mumble :smile:

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI Adamit!

Glad to have you onboard. Looking forward to running some missions with ya. Cheers!

Hi Adamit,

Welcome to the org and thank you for your service. I’m in SoCal myself. During the week you will find me playing late after 9pm. On the weekends I’m on and random times. See you in the verse.

Hey Adamit, welcome to ADI. I’m a veteran (Army Signal) too, and also live in California!

Welcome to ADI, Adamit! What’s your job in the Air Force? I was an Army Combat Engineer.

Hello and welcome to ADI. It may take some time, but based on your time zone you should be able to find activities to join. Keep an eye on the announcements in discord, work on certs when you have time, and sign up for OPS ahead of time and there will always be something to get in on and enjoy.

Hello Adamit, welcome to ADI, I am excited to run some ops together!