Abscence (I'm Back! (but not from outerspace...))

Hey guys I am going to be away for awhile, we have run into some money issues and I haven’t been able to get on; I’ll be back as soon as I can. Hopefully I can get things sorted out quickly.


Best of luck. See you when you get back!

Update: Found a new roommate, this time I am having them pay a month in advance so that I don’t run into the same problem. I, unfortunately, had to get rid of my puppy though because I did not find said roommate before I ran out of food for him; I’m really sad about that. I wont be super active because I am moving into the final phase of enlisting into the US Airforce, also because electricity costs a lot in my area, but I will try to get on when ever I can! :smiley:

Real life comes first, good luck