A question on joining.

Hello ADI, I wanted to fully finish the certs and join up entirely but I am hesitant to do so when I have a surgery looming ahead for me on the 31st. I was curious if I am free to still join up fully once my surgery was done? I mean I wont be able to fly as much as id like to until it is finished and recovered but I dont want to be barred from ever entering ADI because I had to “turn down” the offer at the current time due to IRL stuff. I can remove org on RSI if need be but id like to join when I come back if possible.

It’s probably going to be years before this game is complete. There is no rush. And real-life always comes first. Do what you need to do, and I’m sure ADI will be here when you’re ready.

Should I temporarily “leave” ADI on the website till I can fully join up or can I just leave it as is for now without pissing anyone off?

I’ll let leadership post a definitive answer, but for now I’d just leave it and pick it up again when you are able. You’ve clearly explained what is going on, no one is going to be upset.

You’re fine to stay a member on RSI. We’ll leave you at recruit status until you onboard.

well thanks so much for getting back to me so fast! I honestly was expecting to have to wait a few days for a response. I look forward to flying with you all once my surgery is done.