A lil help

Very simple should i upgrade my vangaurd warden for the hoplite.
I am going out i will check in here once i come back thank you

What do you want to do in the verse? the hoplight is an intriguing ship, should be well armed and can carry a few troops. so for a well armed troop transport it should be ok if that is what you want.

We will surely need troop carrier vessels for the org. Make sure you still have another ship(s) that is/are suited for a more daily tasks. I cant really think of a wide variety of gameplay for just the hoplite. The hoplite should be a great troop transport for tough situations.

To build on what Siitosori said, If it’s your only ship I would advise keeping it over the Hoplite.
Otherwise your choice.

We will need troop transports eventually when we start doing operations, so the Hoplite will have its use, though CIG stated to log out safely you’ll need a bed - Otherwise your ship will be left floating in the PU until you return. So if it’s your only ship you’ll be better off with the Warden’s crew compartment than a troop transport…

…at least until we have the ability to buy and swap out interiors for our ships.
Then you could just buy the Hoplite’s troop transport module and switch it out when we need it.

All variants seem to be fighter-orientated apart from the Sentinel (which sounds support based) so you shouldn’t be losing anything by sticking with the Warden. There is currently no reason to have troop seats in the PU either, so you can still transport a couple of soldiers until CIG gets around to making them needed.

Thnx guys i guess i will stick with warden for now and yes warden is my only ship for now.

Good choice. I suggest you have a ship for your daily activities and focus on what the org needs later on.