A few simple questions

Hello All,

As I am just getting started with this game, I would like to inquire about some of what I have experienced so far.

Fish in my hangar… What is this about?

I am interested in exploring the depths of space and am wondering if I should spill out over $200 for one. I know this money will be going towards the progress of the game so I’m fine with that, but does it make sense to spill this money on an exploration vessel or should I purchase a war ship instead. How do I leave my hangar? I just need some guidance here I am not currently in the game but plan to be on tonight to further explore how to play it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Firebird,

Well, you’d been had! The fish are all because of April Fool’s day.

Many others have tossed far more than that at this game, but if you’re unsure, you can always just get one of the cheaper starter packages and then exchange your ship for store credit and trade up later.

Currently only certain ships are able to be flown. And you “leave” your hangar by using the Arena Commander Simulation pod in your hangar.

You’d probably get far quicker answers to your questions if you hop on to our mumble server.


Come on by and say hi. Hope to hear from you soon.


Plan on joining in on mumble once i get home thank you for the rundown.