4.0 Announced?

It looks like they have added some basic information about Alpha 4.0 to the site (robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report).

Basics indicated for 4.0:

  • Make the PU multi-system, doing so will enable Exploration as a profession and they will be throwing scanning in ontop of it
  • Orion mining platform and Anvil Crucible will be playable
  • They are also looking to expand the science professions by adding sample collection to various locations.

Interesting. Did they really make a ninja update on that and not tell it more openly?

I certainly saw no announcement about it, and I am rather sure those details were not up there as of the 31st.

If you mean the information way at the bottom of the page, ‘4.0 Jump Points’, that’s been there since at least the end of January. I tend to scour that page pretty regularly, so I remember it. : P
Of course, that’s only my word, and I’m just some random internet person. xD I suppose someone could see if there’s an archived version of the page somewhere to confirm when it was posted there.

Edit: So I went to figure it out myself, and sure enough WaybackMachine has an archived version of the page in question from back in Jan 28th. Assuming you’re talking about the information I’m thinking about, then it seems to be exactly the same. web.archive.org/web/20170128173 … ule-report
There’s also an archive of the page from the 20th of Jan, but it doesn’t include any information on either 4.0 or 3.0. So I guess sometime between the 20th and the 28th the page was updated.
It would be awesome to get some more information though… O.O

Yeah +1 on SpaceShrimp. I have some roadmap notes which have copies of the phrases they have used, and I don’t see any changes.

Also this.

My bad, I must have completely missed it the past couple of times I have looked at the page.

They updated the “New Ships” part for 3.0 before there was an announcement for the Caterpillar. But now they deleted it. And that is good because it is flyable since weeks

And the site says: Last update : Mar 31st, 2017

They updated EVERYTHING this past friday. Up until then the caterpillar was still on the list of 3.0. 3.0 and beyond was finally updated

Yep, last week the 85X was still on the 3.1 roadmap. Glad to see they finally cleaned that up.

It is still a moving target though. I can see a couple of the ships listed coming sooner or later than predicted.

I’m only here to say, I really really love your profile picture, also still reading the rest of the thread but yeah :slight_smile: