2.2 Broke XML Profiles?

Testing Saitek X55 RHINO: in 2.2 and I can verify the throttle is broken. 2/27/16

just tried the x52 and it is boken at many buttons, or I am an idiot and didn’t set it up right.

I have an X52 (non-pro) using the ADI profile. No problems in 2.2.0E as far as I can tell so far. Try deleting your StarCitizen\Test\User folder, restart and re-import the XML.

I will get in later on today and see what I find for the X55 I have only been in for a short time and so far have not experienced any issues, but have not given it a full run as of yet between crashes and updates.


Will keep you in the loop and will be ready to update the X-55 XML if needed once it goes live