2.0 this month

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This interview was posted on French website. In the video (is in English) after 32 mins Sandi states that 2.0 WILL be released this month. I recall them saying that it will be an incremental release so I don’t know how many of us will get it in, but looking forward to flying around with you all Soon™.

*edit: forgot to post link

Damn my french is a bit rusty.

Yesterday i watched RtV on Youtube and in that Sandi said, they move to the new studio right after the anniversary livestream and that it would be bad to move them (don’t know who) before 2.0 drops.
Im not sure if that implies that 2.0 drops at the livestream.

I heard the same on AtV and thought exactly the same but the explanation on RtV sort of explains it.

Not that I wasn’t excited after AtV, 2.0 out in a week yay, but…

Basically it was said they had delayed the move 1 week cause they didn’t want to interupt the guys working on the bugs before 2.0 drops implying that it’d be ready in a week, but in RtV they sort of said that yes they’d delayed the move one week, but they could then delay it again if needed on a week by week basis, which gives less weight to 2.0 being here this week.

Not that it won’t be, just that it wasn’t a definite.

thanks for clearing this up.

I personally thought it could be ready for PTU this months. Hopefully they got the bugs fixed in time.

i would love to see 2.0 soon, but i will believe it when my launcher patches to 2.0

I expected 2.0 to be out this month, but also expect it to be a mess (buggy as hell). If you thought the last parchment was bad…

Just constantly remind yourself we’re in Alpha.

Should be interesting either way…