1.1.1 Vanduul Swarm public workaround

NOTE: Only works with a group of 2 or less

  1. Start by creating a public lobby, if you don’t drop into the lobby within 5 seconds wait until the lobby loads and exit back to the hangar (continue creating lobbies until one loads within 5 seconds)

  2. Once you start a lobby and it loads within 5 seconds you can select vanduul swarm and send the invite to your team member.

  3. Choose your ship and ready up as soon as you enter the lobby or you run the risk of bugging the “ready” button.

  4. Start the game like normal.

-This has only been tested with vanduul swarm but may work with other game types.

-If you receive a lobby connection error DO NOT restart the game, just return to the hangar and continue creating lobbies until the lobby loads within 5 seconds.

-If the host sees a player has no ship selected that player will need to re-select his ship or the game will not launch.