Hello all. I’m not exactly sure how to publically introduce myself. Well the name/alias is in the subject, and the only online game I ever invested into was Guild Wars and I couldn’t get into GW2. I don’t have much MMO experience and I wouldn’t call myself a good PVP player. I would like to be trained in doing such tasks. I currently own a Sabre and a 600i, with a Nox Kue, Rover, and a Tumbril Cyclone. I’d like to be a support player just helping out with various tasks. So if you have any work for me, hit me up.

Hey Zovun!

Welcome to the crew. We definitely have a lot of opportunities for support, as well as for certification and training to become a better pilot. I feel like I’m in the same boat a bit, not much of a pilot but I can move a boat slowly :slight_smile: See you around!

Hello Zovun,

welcome to the org. Support is one of the most important job. Without support, an org could operate, so i am happy that you joined us

looking forward to see you in the verse



Hello Zovun,

Glad to have you with us. Sounds like you’ve got a nice fleet going. I remember GWs, I played that back in the day too when it came out. SC will be a new game for all of us and there will be much to learn I’m sure. Looking forward to flying with you. Best wishes!

Hi, Zovun

Welcome aboard and thank you for your interest in providing support. It’s nice to see players like you in games because it makes all the difference especially in team games. Good hunting.

Its great having you fly with us! Welcome.

Hi Zovun - You have a heck of a nice personal fleet going for someone that just wants to be support! I think you’ll fit in great around here! Looking forward to flying with you.


Any good team needs their supports. I’m sure you will find no lack of work here.