Curious; Does anyone else use a Zboard or MERC keyboard? It’s older but off to the side it has a gamepad style extension?
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Anyways, never had an issue with it. It’s always been plug and play. I hop on tonight and the game pad style extension doesn’t work correctly. It acts as though it’s a hot key even though I’ve never set it up as a hot key, let alone know how to. Example; I press the ‘W’ key or forward key, it auto-loads a new browser.

Ive looked everywhere online, tried trouble shooting hotkeys, and there’s nothing that helps. Ive removed the device, deleted the registry, restart, replug in my keyboard, and it starts all over again.

Curious, if anyone else uses this or has experienced the same issue? Thanks.


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Apaprently, the windows 10 auto update screwed something up. Trying to uninstall the update to see what happens.

This is by far my favorite gaming keyboard. It’s just so comfortable. It works fine with Windows 10 for me.

Did you get yours working?

Wow. No. I havent. Yours still functions properly?

You should have let me know, I just tossed 2 zboard usb bodies in the trash a couple of months ago.