Xtruuh - Introduction

What’s up everyone! I am brand spanking new to the game so I figured joining a community would be really beneficial. Really looking forward to meeting some of you and enjoying the game. Thanks!

Welcome! def cant wait to meet you in the 'verse!

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Having a community to lean on when learning the ropes is what really makes the game shine later on. Don’t hesitate to ask for any kind of help or mentoring to assist you - there’s a lot to take in!

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It was great talking to you and I look forward to running into each other in the verse. Feel free to reach out with any questions or want to team up.

Welcome to ADI Xtruuh!

If you need any help learning the game, let us know!

See you out in the 'verse! Fly safe o7

Welcome aboard Xtruuh!

Welcome aboard Xtruuh!

Hi Xtruuh and welcome aboard!
You made the right choice, ADI has a lot to offer and you’ll find it very beneficial to your game experience.
See you in the 'verse!

Always great to fly with new players and see their reactions as this amazing game surprises them. So glad to have you with us Xtruuh.

Welcome welcome Xtruuh. This is the place to be when starting out in the game. There lots going on to educate and keep you entertained.

Welcome to ADI. I look forward to seeing you in the verse

Welcome to ADI, Xtruuh!

If you ever have something that you can’t quite figure out, or if you ever want to check out a ship, feel free to @arestavo in Discord and let me know! I’m US Mountain time (but retired).

See you in the 'verse!