XML Assistance for T-Flight HOTAS X

Now, before ya’ll let me know I need a better stick, I am well aware, and that’s in the pipeline!

I’ve been using my T-Flight X with Elite Dangerous and have been liking it over there before I move on to something much better suited to Star Citizen.

For now, however, I’d like to keep using the T-Flight while I get used to piloting in Star Citizen, and any assistance you can offer me in creating an XML configuration file for my HOTAS would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve linked below an example of my current configuration with Elite, just to give you an idea on how I fly in there, and whether or not that is viable for Star Citizen.



  • Raigen

There very well may be a CIG default load out for the t-flight in game (i cant remember). It may be best to see if they have one and then edit it accordingly and then i believe you can export the xml for safe keeping. Hopefully someone better versed could comment!

Unfortunately, at the present time, there’s no CIG preset for the T-Flight X.

Alas, I finally gave up and decided to go big, or go home, as they say. Whoever they are.

I now have an X-55 Rhino, and I’m working on setting it up and getting used to it. So… Many… Hats… :open_mouth: