I typically go by “Rio” for shorthand to make communicating in text/chat simpler. I’ve been a backer of Star Citizen since 2014 and have waited to find a suitable Org until recently. ADI’s approach sounds like an ideal way to enter SC’s gameplay.

My interests in SC are pretty wide, but I’d greatly enjoy working with a group in exploration, working to support a large ship, or piloting a fighter to defend one. (Basically everything though…) I currently use a dual stick set up and pilot an Aegis Sabre.

I look forward to seeing you all in the verse!

Welcome to ADI. Interested in Xian eh?

Not particularly haha, just figured I’d add the flair. It’s a great concept and kudos to anyone who learns it!

Welcome Rio, there is plenty to do here, we are now running regular ops with up to 50 people as well as the daily meetups with whever is in mumble

Welcome Rio!

The corp operate large scale ops fairly regularly & are great fun, with a strong emphasis on team work. Look forward to catching up in game!

Welcome Rio to ADI - I’m a long time backer of SC as well - found it before the KS. I enjoy doing many things in the game so I understand where you come from. I also have a sabre and I love the ship!

Darn you got my hopes up.

Hey Rio! Glad you decided to go with us. There are lots of choices out there but I think ADI brings the right balance. Try to get involved in one of the org operations. Recently, we have been hosting them about once a week. Looking forward to seeing you around!

Welcome Rio to the org. you got a good ship cause i love the Sabre anyways i see you in the verse =D

Welcome to ADI Rio :slight_smile:

I think most people in ADI is interested in a lot of the different aspects of the game so it should be easy to find people to goupe up with.

Hello Rio,

Flying with a group really brings out the potential of SC, I’m glad you’ve chosen to join us. I hope to see you around the verse.

Dual stick ftw!

Welcome Rio its always nice to have a wingmen along for a journey in the cosmos

Welcome to ADI Rio, hope to see you join in on the fun with us soon