X52 pro ADI xml

Hi fellow pilots,
I’m new to ADI and was trying to find out if anyone else has a way of getting the “joy 2” button to missile lock on to ships. I hear a sound but nothing happens. Also I’ve seen that ADI has made an xml file profile but I can seem to find it.

Here is the profile:


Thanks for the quick response, I clicked it and still the same message popped up saying i’m not authorized. :frowning:

You’ll have access once you’ve completed your on-boarding on Mumble (it can take a few days, so if you’ve already done it, just hang tight).

Alright good to know thanks.:slight_smile:

FYI, missile lock is its own button separate from missile fire, you find it under targeting if i recall.

This link doesn’t work anymore since the move to the new forums. Where are the files located now?

We haven’t moved joystick profiles over yet, it’s on the list but may take some time.

Ok. Thanks for the update. I’ve been mapping out my buttons and will probably create my own then.

You don’t want to map buttons via directx, there are too many options now, so you’ll need to build both an xml and saitek profile to get everything to work.