X52 missile lock/launch

I think the .xml for the X52 may have an issue with this binding.
All the others work perfectly, but I cannot use the ‘Safe’ button (button2 in control panel) to acquire missile lock, or launch missles.

TMS Up should lock, and the safe button should launch.

ahhh, I see that on the pdf now. don’t know how I missed it.
Thanks, JayC

Threat Management Systems hat is to allow you to handle the management of all threats, and there are other reasons to use this method as well.

worked like a charm, thanks.
If I may make a suggestion.
The pinky trigger, if it has no future plans, perhaps spacebrake/Newtonian brake would be a good mapping.

There are future plans for it.

JayC. am i to understand that you (BoD) have certain key mapping demands for different controls?? or are we free to re-map as we our self see fit?

We have a standard layout we will be using for training. And we maintain those layouts (Training Team) on all the major HOTAS. You are welcome to make any changes you want, but do not pass them around. From a training perspective we will only teach based off the approved HOTAS profiles, if you make changes and don’t know what we mean when we say TMS Up, we won’t spend anytime helping you figure it out.

There are just too many folks in the org, for us to accommodate 100’s of different joystick profiles, we have to use 1 standard to make training feasible.