X-55 only 95% functioning

Hey Team,

So I’m noticing that when I log into the PTU to dick around that my HOTAS throttle seems to do the following.

1) 20-30 seconds after I vertical thrust, forward throttle maintains stall, until…

2) I backward throttle … which then propels me at 50/second forward, even after I re-throttle forward.

3) Only seem to gain normal throttle function after 2-5 minutes. That as well as some other button functions.

That said, here’s my speculation…
Yes, I am that guy who went and used an X-55 with a Razer Blackwidow Chroma Stealth keyboard:
razerzone.com/store/razer-bl … ma-stealth

I’m told this is a baaaaaaad mix with an X-55 & that it’ll create glitches.

So, how fucked am I? :unamused:

Any input is awesome.

Thanks, everyone.

Razor keyboards are a mjor problem… try using a different keyboard - have the razor unplugged and see if the problem goes away completely.

If you have Razer synapse installed, get rid of the crap. Should work fine.