Wreckage in the rings of Yela

Long time no post,

Happy New Year All! Game has been pretty stable of late…this may be old but has anyone gone to look at the wreckage in the rings of Yela? Small thing, gent by the name of Ticker91 was mentioning it zone wide so OF COURSE I thought it was a TRAP (insert Admiral Ackbar image here)! Turned out, it was not a trap at all. Just before turning into the dark side of Yela in her ring system is a wreck of a military (speculation) Gladius. It’s small, no distress beacon, but it’s there! One would have to be able to see some of Crusader and just a bit before going into the darkness of the shadow of Yela…If there is a coordinates system I am missing, please, do let me know and I’ll go back and mark the sucker for all of the Organization to see.

For all I know, this is old info :slight_smile:

Enjoy this Swooper Bowl Sunday!

Great find, neat :slight_smile:

way cool. .good job… I know a few of us have been out there to look for it. Was it on the inside, middle, or outside of the area of the ring?

Will see if i can find it also.

There’s actually 4 different locations wrecks can spawn. I’ve managed to find 3 of them so far. 1 was a vanguard wreck.

Gunny, it’s towards the inside of the rings, if you look outwardly you will see Yela closest, then Stanton, then the primary star on top, sort of like a triangle with Yela being the closest point. Also think of it as, if I cross into Yela’s shadow, I’ve gone too far.

Oh sweet!

Then I will be a rock hound for a while then heh.

if u jump to yela direct from covalex shipping, u get sligtly to the left a wreckage. just fly in, loot it and earn 1500-4000 UEC without pirates bugging (since my internet crashes everytime they do. any other approach, they will come. Not copletely sure if it is same wreckage, but looks like it ^^