won't be online for 2-4 weeks, school is beginning again.


I won’t be online for the comming 2 to 4 weeks, this because my saitek x55 rhino is broken and has to be send back :frowning: . this wil take up to 4 weeks. hopefully everythink is good again if I get my HOTAS back.

I won’t be online as normal because school is beginning again and I have my exams.


Boneface (Wesley)

Hopefully everything comes back alright with your X-55, and I’ll be in the same boat in another month or so, back to school for the first time in nearly a decade. Wohoo.

First time in decades? Must be quite a blast! :smiley:

Good luck boneface, for both your X55 and examinations. May the power of ADI guide you!