Windows telemetry updates (HEADS UP)

If you were thinking of installing Windows 10, you may have heard or read about data privacy concerns and the new policy on data collection Microsoft released covering all of their products (OneDrive,, Xbox, Skype, Bing, etc).

Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time until Microsoft rolled out a series of updates for Windows 7 and 8 operating systems with very similar data collection ‘features,’ namely in the form of the following four updates:

If you find any of these updates on your list, I’d strongly advise you evaluate their importance to you. As a reminder, if an update is removed, it will also need to be hidden from future Windows updates or it will reinstall again like a persistent cockroach.

[size=150]WINDOWS 10 USERS:[/size]

If you chose express setup when installing Windows 10, that means you agreed to a lot of data being shared. Here is a list of privacy concerns and some ways to remedy them:

Here is another guide for the more tech savvy which also includes how to disable stubborn telemetry:

There are more guides out there that may provide better information depending on your needs. Bear in mind, going through these steps is not for everyone. If you are in doubt about the features or the hype associated with these essential privacy breaches, the following imgur post has a fairly reasonable explanation for what this stuff does. Take it or leave it:

Big brother may know best, but he doesn’t need to know everything. We share enough information as it is.

I’m going to wait a year and let y’all debug Windows 10 before switching away from Windows 7… then I may still stay with 7.

I just recently upgraded and Cortana worries me almost as much the updates it forces you to get and doesn’t tell you about