Windows 11 or why i go back to windows 10

In last november, i needed to do a fresh install of my gaming rig, windows 11 was out and i thought, why not, go and try it. Now, three months later, i go back to windows 10 and here are some of the reasons for it and what you maybe want to consider when upgrading (or not) to windows 11

What Rig do i have:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900x 12 Core with 3,7 Ghz
  • Asus Rog STRIX X-570-F
  • 64 GB RAM DDR4-3200
  • Zotac RTX 2080 AMP Extreme
  • 512 GB WD Black NVME (Main Drive)
  • 1 TB NVME for Video Recording
  • 4 TB HDD as Storage
  • additional 10G network card for storage connectivity
  • Windows 11 Pro

and now to my peripherials:

  • Virpil WarBRD Base with Left & Right hand Alpha Sticks
  • Virpil CM1 v3 Throttle
  • TrackIR 5
  • Tobii Eaytracker 5
  • Logitech 922 Webcam
  • Logitech 270 Webcam
  • Arctic Pro Wireless Headset
  • ShuttlePRO v2 Video Editor
  • Stream Deck
  • Wireless Gamepad
  • Wacom Intuos Tablet
  • Logitech G910 Keyboard
  • Logitech G502 Hero Mouse
  • Philips 43" Monitor with freesync in 4k (PHL 436M6VBP)
  • Samsung 28" freesync in 4K (LU28E590DS)

I have some more systems running here, so my daily work is still on some windows 10 machines

The good side:

Windows 11 itself is stable and mostly able to run all the “normal” programs, i didn’d had any crashes of windows in all the time i used it. All “normal” drivers are working. System is not slower compared to windows 10 (tested with 3d mark timespy and pcmark). StarCitizen is running smoothly for me, i can play and record in 4K with highest details and still get good FPS

VideoConverting with Handbrake and VideoEditing with Premiere Pro is working good, i can utilize all 12 Cores/24 Threads to the max. Recording / Streaming with OBS does not influence my framerate.

So why i want to go back to windows 11?

The down sides:

Where should i start? Maybe with the things, that are not working that good:

Support of Arctis Pro Wireless:

I have constantly problems with the arctis pro wireless, windows 11 is not recognize it sometimes correctly, sometimes the different “channels” doesn’t show up (arctis pro game / arctis pro chat), on other times, it not even shows up at all. Only Solution is to unplug and plug back in the receiver/base station. This happens sometimes during playsessions as well

USB Order for my Joysticks are changing:

I use a joystick overlay in OBS, so that the movement of my sticks and throttle are shown in video records - that helps us in our fighter mafia group to analyse our training sessions. But my Joysticks are constantly changing their orders, so i have to redo everytime the overlay and put the new link back into OBS

Dual Monitor Setup / no clock on second screen

The new UI is ok, i get used to it really fast, but the missing clock on the second monitor is a problem for me. I didn’t had the time to investigate here a lot, maybe it is easely solvable, but it’s not that big of a problem compared to the other mentioned things

And now the biggest downsides:

Stream Deck:

The Stream Deck software is running and i configure actions on the stream deck, shows everything on the little displays, but NOTHING is WORKING! The commands are not send over to the other programs like OBS, Photoshop or Premiere Pro. So this is completly useless at the moment. The Makro Keys on my Logitech G910 are working correctly with OBS, so it must be something with the stream deck software not working correctly with windows 11 (there are some threads on reddit about it too, no solution found)

Audio Devices constantly switching or not showing:

Already mentioned with the Headset above, the problem is even more worse. The order and availability of my audio devices is constantly switching. All my monitors are connected via displayport cables, so are capable of audio playback. Sometimes they are showing up correctly, sometimes they are completly missing or with a different name. So there is nothing better when you want to look on a video with your headsets on and the damn thing starts playing it on the big monitor at full volume

So every point i listed, would be ok by itself and i could workaround it, but all together is saying - go back to win 10 and i’m hearing you my little gadgets. I will reinstall the system with Windows 10 in the next days. Was a nice experience/test but i will now stay as long as possible with win 10 on my systems

Hope you enjoyed my experience with windows 11, maybe reply with your problems you had with windows 11 on your system

your beta tester waterwalker


Sorry to hear about your hassles. After 20 years as an IT Professional, I will never adopt a new version of Windows for the first 6 to 8 months at least. Let everyone else figure out the issues and have Microsoft fix them before you jump on the train. Less painful.


I started working with Computers somewhere in the late 80’s with my First Computer to be a ZX Spectrum and later an Amiga 500/1000 before going to PCs (XT/8086, 80286, 386 SX/DX, 486 etc.), started with MS-DOS, DR-DOS, Novell Netware and later with Windows 2.0 and worked maybe with every Windows Version, that shown up until today (only missed ME, but not sad about it)

I earn my money with computers since the mid of 90’s and for my job, i need to check out new versions of operation systems and new technologies, so i know, that windows 11 could be painfull

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I always wait for at least Service Pack 1 before upgrading to the next version of Windows, sometimes longer.

I hear you. My first computer was an IBM PCjr that my Dad handed down when he upgraded to an XT, lol. We were so excited when we got a Racore DMA expansion that was a bolt on to the top of the PCjr and upgraded the memory from 128k to 512k. I think I still have the old 8088 Programming books that came the the PCjr somewhere. Crazy how things have progressed since those days.

The first computer I personally owned was a Commodore 64 while I was in the military.