Windows 10

Hey guys as you may have heard Windows 10 is dropping July 29 for free (yes absolutely free). For those of you who want to, you should reserve your upgrade asap. Go here to figure out how. [url][/url] Remember Windows 10 is the only OS that will take advantage of MS’ new graphics API: Direct X 12 which will improve efficiency on most graphics cards for games that use it.

Heard about this today. I’m pretty excited for it.

I set my reservation last night.

Very happy to see this as a full upgrade for free and not a trial. :slight_smile:

From my understanding its not a reservation you just get a notification on your mail saying that windows 10 is out, could be ofcourse that i didn’t read it correctly.

I’ve reserved mine for my laptop last night as well (Definitely said reserve.

It came through my notifications at the bottom right, I was wondering what the windows symbol was and it was the reservation form!

Just need to do the same for all my PCs at home.

Looked at it again and i cant read :frowning: it says in big letters reserve.

I dunno about this. I reserved, but not sure I’ll install it till I hear more about how games run on it.

dont rush to Windows 10, i dont think it will be ready so soon…

Release is set for the 29th of July.

If your going from Windows 8.1 there is a good increase in speed but if your going from Windows 7 there may be a slight .5% decrease in gaming speed so small you wont even see it. The way I see it though one day you wont be able to upgrade 7 like they did with all the other Windows OSes or wait didn’t they actually stop upgrading Windows 7?

Thanks, reserved mine today.

I made a reservation too. I’m not too excited about 8.1 so might as well upgrade.

at the moment win 10130 still lot of bugs and lot of crashes when dig deeper, but its getting better…

At the moment I’ll be avoiding it due to the disturbing ToS. [url][/url]

Not like I’m hiding anything… but I still find it irksome to know my data can be legally collected. I suppose they can use the excuse it’s for early troubleshooting purposes, but still.

More useful information from an ars technica article which cites MS’ Gabe Aul:

Key points:
1 “On Twitter he confirmed that once upgraded, Windows 10 users will be able to perform clean installs of the operating system at any time, even after the one-year free period has ended.”
2 "Users won’t be required to install Windows 7 or 8 and then re-upgrade (this is in reference to later re-installs, not the initial upgrade process)
3 “They won’t need the Windows 7 or 8 product key [to reinstall]”
4 “Clean installs from an ISO will be possible”

Link to article: [url]June | 2015 | Ars Technica

Thanks for the reminder

microsoft is pushing win 10 hard, even my other win 7 system got register for free win 10 popup…


If you know how to work Windows 8.1 it is exponentially more efficient then Windows 7.

I put a reserve in for mine but I am certainly will not be installing asap. I will let other people be the Guinea Pigs.