Will be more active when 3.4 drops, then less active for 4 months after that


Hey all, just wanted to keep y’all posted that I’ll probably be pretty inactive until 3.4 drops so I can fly the Hawk as I think that’ll be my daily flyer. However, I’m probably joining the campus police (waiting on the offer letter at this point) and the 16 week Academy starts in January. I don’t know what my schedule will look like at that point, but I am still very interested in ADI and will be looking to increase activity once the volatility of my schedule is reduced.

Fly safe everyone!


That sounds awesome. Hope you get it!


Wow, that sounds great. Don’t discount the likelihood you’ll love your job once you’re out of the academy and spend almost every waking moment immersed in some aspect of it. Best of luck to you. I look forward to working with you when you return.


Nice. Make sure your uniform has a spot for an ADI patch :wink: Good luck to ya, we’ll keep the hanger lit for ya :slight_smile: