Why did you choose ADI?

Hey guys, I’m just doing a little market research to better understand what attracted our current members to joining our awesome corp!

In a few short sentences, could you tell me the top one or two reasons why you picked ADI over our competition?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Well the first and foremost reason i join is because what was being said in the introduction on the RSI forums.

this gave me the inspiration that your not playing around as a group, in a role playing manner. that you do needs to be done first and playing around later

This gave me the inspiration that you guys are engaged enough to care about the game and play to a certain level of seriousness. but not so much that you would throw everything away to just play this game

this gave me a certain confidence that the group would have a good sense of where there going and that they keep going that way. the reason i say this is because i have played with other corps(guild, clans) that had a goal in mind but never pushed to complete there goals and not just sit around and seeing how every one is mocking around.

when I looked at the structure part i saw that you guys had big plans in the game and already have thought about how you want to run things

The training part gave me and idea how prepared you guys are and also bolsters the res of your claims over the rest of the page.

Because JayC made me…

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i blame Hav0k

the Freedom provided while been serious about achieving goals , met the leadership in a different place and i like how things are there

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the input. Spread the word to the other new guys to help me get even more!

DrDerpling pretty much nailed what I was gonna say. that and it was the first group that came up in the forums that caught my interest in terms of what I want to do.

Awesome. Thanks for the feedback Rick!

I appreciated the polite and mature invite I received from StarCooper. Checked out the site and realized you guys have a good thing going. I realize you get all types when playing online, but I seek a respectful group that is less susceptible to Nerd Rage.

ideas for recruiting post some videos how our top pilots fly and how are we do are training and mabye makes some tuts for training

Serious enough to understand the importance of some sort of guild infrastructure (website, TS3, leadership etc), but not taken to a stupid degree. I’ve seen some with formal chains of command and all sorts.

The fact that you have come from other games previous to this proves you have experience of running a guild/clan.

At least the appearance of selective recruiting - guilds that just take anyone in rarely end well.

No idiots allowed.

Well made video, well made site and well made introduction post made it seem like you knew what you were doing.
That I could join your TS server was a big + as I could then observe how the members are.

ADI has the best leadership possible for a realistic space simulator. There is a lot of organization, lots of preparation for launch, knowledgable flight instructors, and a damn good group of dedicated individuals looking to have fun and prosper in star citizen!

Awesome, I will be able to take all of this and put together new marketing copy to get more great members. Be sure to help me out and send all new members to this post to give their feedback!

Time for a necroing of this thread :wink:

Me and JayC go back together, all the way to the release of World War 2 Online just about. He and I have operated many different gaming groups together for over a decade. Unfortunately I had to take a bit of time off from that, mostly due to my working on my masters degree, so I haven’t been current with his latest gaming groups.

Needless to say I know him, the kinds of groups he puts together, the quality of people he tends to attract, and all of that. The advertising in this case is true, which is why I am always returning. This is one of those groups that tends to fight as a cohesive force, without the power trips from command, or other drama and nonsense found in a lot of gaming groups. We are here to have fun together cooperatively as a team. We also have always spent plenty of time training (with experienced trainers and developed training programs) and practicing as a group, even before release we try to find similar games to work on skills and teamwork in.

The combination of

  1. strong flight sim background, emphasis on excellence in dog-fighting, methodological core approach; and
  2. high social etiquette: no drama/power-tripping/bigotry/verbal abuse, everyone’s equal, common decency/sense and respectful interaction mandatory
    sealed the deal for me.

Because a member here lives nearby. Just kidding because of the team concept and the overall approach presented by the members and those in charge. In addition I’ve found the organization to be a team concept but I have the freedom to go out on my own in the verse if the mood hits me.

“None of our members are here to ‘play’ army, nobody is going to ask you to call them Sir, we’re not going to give you a military rank, and we’re not going to pin ribbons all over your virtual chest!”

This right here, when I read that after attempting to join a different Org (BWC) and seeing just how anal and retarded they are. I love commitment, I love unity, I love the idea of a group that plays as a core, but these guys forgot these were video games and are way to anal, and way to many ranks/medals/ribbons. It was insane the amount of stuff I had to do within my first 2 weeks and still have a life and a job and the game isn’t even out yet lol. Then I saw that statement in the ADI recruitment post and just LOLed so hard, I mean literally I laughed out loud and immediately went into joining lol. Then when I mentioned it in TS someone even said that post was kinda to poke at BWC and I just lawled even harder and was like, yeah I will fit in here.

Oh and someone said it was good I wasn’t black within the first 15 minutes of me being in TS, granted I think we all took what he said out of context :slight_smile:.

Being ex -navy i liked that you guys recognized that

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Actually ADI choose me.

I was part of the Blue Horizon org and while I was on vacation some type of shit hit the fan really hard, by the time I was back it was disbanded. I forgot about the matter until one day - I don’t know where Jay digged it up from - I got an invite email from RSI to have a go at ADI since I was BH before.

Checking your website and seeing this, was key.

I like taking a (good) game seriously, I really do. But I’m 31 and I can’t be bothered with hardcore shit anymore, having people going anal at me because I fucked up some pull or going through crazy hoops to get gear or pass a trial-period… I’m done with college attitude thank you. ADI seems great to enjoy the actual game while having fun with a tight group of like-minded people, it’s a relaxed environment where I can chill and learn about this game at my own pace.

Plus the infrastructure looks great, website, forum, ts, training, the whole 9 yards.

100 billion million space credits were transferred to my account. :laughing:

Seriously though, I received an invite and after checking out ADI’s web page and thinking it over a couple days seemed like a great fit. And it has been. Haven’t been active on TS as often as I’d like but the couple of times I have been everyone is pleasant and I’ve gotten some good laughs. It seems to me, the members that I’ve talked with our knowledge about not just SC but other games and I can tell the passion they have for gaming, and I feel it’s going to translate really well into SC once we start going. Plus having members that are actual pilots and play flight sims I feel that will also benefit our ORG once the PU goes live.

I’m looking to have fun and play to win. ADI is the choice I made, and would do it again.