Which ship will be more expensive to buy in game

I need Hammerhead and HULL E but I can’t get both.
Which ship will be easier to buy in game later?

Once SC is released, both should be available in game. The only ones that may have restrictions are the ones that have been released on a limited basis (Javelin, Pioneer, Idris, etc) but even those should be available.

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In one of the “Ben’s day with Batgirl” Ben Lesnick said that Military ships might require you to complete tasks and not have a criminal stat in game, He did not know the final requirements but that not all People will qualify for a ship from a military factory (these Folks would have to procure there ships another route) i.e. black market.

Captain Kern:

I would start with the cargo ship first. Should be a more reliable source of income in game to pay for your second big ship.

I would look at their resell value. Though we don’t know the exact value, hammerhead and hull e are similar in value. Probably equal if I had to guess. If you google it there is a wiki on ships original sale value and such, that should help give you an idea.