Which HOTAS?

So the time has come to buy my first HOTAS, so which way should I go…

I have seen stacks of reviews and most of them point to either the TM Warthog or the Saitek X55/56, so I am after any input with regards to pros and cons of each before I commit to spending some cash


Or u can go dual joysticks. Cheaper and most say more accurate even.

as a bare minimum first hotas the leadership recommends is the x52pro if not that then i would go the 55 or 56. the major drawback with the war hog is that you also need rudder peddles for full functionality,
also please use the amazon referral link when you make your choice.

X52’s are fine as well.

Honestly, if you are planning on getting into a lot of combat in small fighters, I would recommend getting pedals anyway. If you aren’t intending to get into that side of SC, then really like North said, get a stick that allows yaw, pitch, and roll. Most of your HOTAS selection should be based off of what you are comfortable with. Unfortunately there aren’t many “rent a HOTAS” stores out there, so it can be expensive to try out different ones. If there is one thing you have, it’s an abundance of time to experiment. SC’s full launch isn’t exactly just around the corner so for now, try out some of the less expensive options first. Remember that a higher price tag doesn’t always equate to a higher quality product, or even one that will fit your style.

So how does the dual joystick work?

They don’t… the design is great if all you do is have knife fights in telephone booths, otherwise it’s a poor controller setup.

I upgraded from the Logictech Xtreme 3D to the X-55 last year.

I have to say the button options and relatively competitive price are what hooked me in.

Get what works for your personal budget: (You have three price tiers to choose from)

– X52 & X52-Pro are nice.

– X-55 & X-56 are each very good. (Much love for my X-55)

– Thrustmaster’s Warthog is touted as the cream-of-the-crop (at a premium price).
As other’s have noted - You will need to buy pedals, if you go this route.

OK i have also a HOTAS Question.

I have an very old Saitek X45 which still works fine.
Now i can get the Logitech G940 from a friend. I thought it maybe is better because is is not so old. And it has rudders. The X45 has rudder buttons under the throttle which is OK but not so really good.

What do you think? Should i get it? or wait till the X45 breaks and get the newer Saitek Models then? (in case i can afford that by that time)

Sorry for my bad english :smiley:

Run away from the g940’s they break too easily imho.

I like the idea of the X-56, with the two extra sticks - as I play the Elite:Dangerous GRINDFEST; it seems a pretty good bet. Although I am a little concerned about some of the reviews out there that slate the build quality and failure rate.

The X-56 has not arrived here yet, Australia always seem to be last to get tech, and the price I estimate around A$350 so I think I may save and wait a little while… I can limp through space with my aging Cyborg Evo a little longer…lol

+1 for the X55 because it is a very good “Bang for the buck”. I used to be mouse and keyboard, but after much consideration I bought the X55 and never looked back.

The problem that I’ve seen on reviews has to do with a wire pinching issue that is supposed to be common with the 55 also. I haven’t heard of anyone I know personally that has had that issue with the X55.

I had no idea that was a thing. I am checking into it.

I’ve heard of the wire issue, but have never had it.

I’ve put so many hours into my X-55. I suspect if that were still an issue, I would have seen it by now.

So here’s my setup…I appreciate the help from those involved. Enjoy.


Oooh… That is a thing of BEAUTY!!!

Can you snap close-ups of the mounts you have it on?

Hope these help CrueOndanet…let me know if you want anything else…pics or info. Best thing about this, is that it’s all bolt-on…no cutting into the chair. Sorry for all the pics, but I got shots of the front, sides, arms, and platform.


Looks awesome, Hyndrosa1. :slight_smile:

Thanks LoveTool. It took a little time to get everything right, but well worth it!