Which gamer name?

Thinking I may change my gamer name to “Qloshae”, but want some more input from others.

Acerbusvenator is one I widely use which however uses 14 letters which most things can’t handle and it isn’t especially versatile.

Qloshae (pronouced like “cliche”, but with an “o” instead of an “i”) is a new one I am trying out which only uses 7 letters which is accepted by just about everything and can be used alone or as a last name for a character.

Yo mate,
I deff would try and find a nick as short as I could, can you find something with a ref to you, even greater.

I.e; my nick is from a character in Star Wars, with a twist.

Imho, a nick schouldn’t be to long.

Yea, I agree.
I just want it to be between 6 and 10 or something like that which is the standard that most systems accept. Less than that and some won’t accept the name due to being too short and more than that some will not accept it due to being too long.