Which Anti-Virus

Nice and simple, I’m looking for what you’d consider is the better free Anti-Virus software for home use.
I’ve got my PC and two laptops to protect, for both internet browsing and file downloading.

I am currently using Norton, though that’ll run out soon, and while I browse several websites and reviews I’d like to know your opinions on what you like best / have had the easiest time with.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello CursedJester,

In my opinion, nothing can beat a cautious user. You can have the best AV out there, and a really bad user and you will get done anyway.

In relation to the AV(free) itself, I’ve had good results with Microsoft Security Essentials and the Free Panda Antivirus. I’m sure other people will have different views, but that’s just my experience.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

so… Ya, dump Norton.

I use Malwarebytes paired with Glary Utilities (think CC cleaner but its better at picking up after itself) to reinforce windows firewall. I have heard that Avast and Avira are pretty good as well, though i cannot speak from recent experience. I also run AdBlock, Adblock Plus, and Ghostery in my browser and would recommend doing the same if you aren’t already.

But in the end no piece of software can save you from everything, so the biggest defense is using safe browsing habits. Stuff like not visiting risky websites, don’t open random email attachments, don’t click on suspicious links, ect…

Al i have is Windows Defender, ADW cleaner and Free Malwarebytes.
Ublock on my browsers. Between this and being mindful of where you click, what you download you should almost never have any issues. Just run ADW and MBAM once a week and you should be good

Hello CursedJester,

I myself use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. My wife uses AVG and likes it. I back up once a week or so, and run the Malware too. I will check reviews from some of the magazines out there, PCMag and CNet as examples from time to time.

The biggest thing is like everyone says… it’s the surfing, aware of sites, downloads etc.

Cheers guys!
Malwarebytes seems to be a popular choice so I’ll look into that and Avast as well.

Ooh, haven’t heard of that one. I use CC so I’ll have to look into it.

Same as above, I run adblock but I’ll also investigate Ghostery.

I would recommend Microsoft Security Essentials - It is basic, but does a good job & doesn’t cause performance issues.

As many have said the best defense is:
Don’t go to unsavory sites
Don’t download random crap
If you’re going to download random stuff - DO that from a VM, that you can keep separate from your base OS.

Or a sandbox if you don’t want to bother with an entire VM.