Where do I find the special S5 Hornet VariPuck Mount (Ball Turret on the Hornet)

Hello All

I’m looking for the special S5 Hornet VariPuck Mount (Ball Turret on the Hornet)?

In 3.4 it was available at dumpers depot at Port Olisar but now in 3.5 it is not there.

I’ve checked at Levski, GrimHex and Area 18 but it is not available at these locations.

Anyone manage to find it?


The only other place I can think of is Lorville Business District, unless they removed it from the game for the time being.

I’ve checked the weapons shop in Lorville, only drake weapons are available and no I didn’t see the ball turret for the hornet.
Maybe it has been removed.

Its not currently purchasable in game. I searched for a few days at the start of the patch for one.

I’ve also bean looking.
Guess they took it out for 3.5…

Yeah, frustrating as the ability to customize ships was complicated in 3.5 (some would say balanced as you can no longer just pull weapons from you ships and then respawn them to replenish). Hopefully the Hornet vari mount gets put back on the market in upcoming patches.