When you get bored

When you’re bored, strange things happen.
I managed to get the Big Benny’s noodle machine out of Covalex and onto Alrick’s Freelancer.
Then we flew it back to Olisar.

Then I met every snowman’s nemesis (besides the sun). Stairs!

After that, we managed to get a Merlin (minus the wings) into the cargo bay of a connie, and close the hatch :slight_smile:

More stuff for your borededness…
Hyper Vanguard Force
[url]Comm-Link - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42
Yeah, it’s old news for some of you, but it kills time.
And you can get a 2 different forum titles, and who doesn’t like titles?

Into the Unknown: A Carrack & Her Crew
[url]Comm-Link - Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42
another oldie, but if you complete it, yet more title bling for your RSI forum presence.

Fixed your post images are now working.


I ruined his HAIR!

Well, we did it.
Alrick now has a Connie with 2 Merlins :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get one into the Freelancer. Snowman, Alrick, and I tried last night. The hit boxes aren’t flush like they should be though (probably on both ships), so even though visually it should just barely fit, it totally glitched out.

Tonight I say we load up the freelancer with all the boxes and chairs from covalex, head to a comm array, and stuff it all in the entrances.

I like that idea.

Love your work guys! Too good!

a little imagination goes a long ways to having fun.
last night was crazy fun. we stirred up trouble in a Hermes’ Tali with a full gun-crew.
I must say I both hate and love the M50 now.
hate shooting at them, and therefore I must now go own one.

hahahaha wow. the creativity that comes out when you’re bored is always entertaining.