What's next?

The last few months I have been updating my rig. Was wondering what would be the next thing for me to update?

I currently have a AMD build and in time I want to update this a intel/nvidia build for 4k gaming…

Currently and my target…

AMD fx 9590 8core 4.7 cpu --> intel 7 cpu
AMD rx 480 8gb gpu --> nvidia 1080 gpu
16gb RAM --> 32 RAM
HD monitor --> 4k monitor

the cpu, gpu and monitor will be a large investment and i am not sure the game is already 4k compatable…
While the RAM and SSD are smaller investments…

I myself was thinking of building in a SSD for SC and ED only, but not sure how big the SSD should be… Does anyone know how much space SC will take on release?

Any other advice is welcome as well ofcourse…

I’d be inclined to say wait until the game is released before you buy stuff like CPU’s and video cards. We have a good while yet to wait and if you buy now it will be obsolete come launch date.

I’d just look at stuff like the SSD’s that will get cheaper over time but not be quite so drastically obsolete a year or two from now. It’s funny, I was contemplating drive size yesterday too. I don’t think anyone in the world could accurately answer that question. My gut feeling is to buy around a 250gig SSD. That way I can throw other games on it while SC remainins around 40 gigs and as it grows I can just remove other games if/when needed

If due to budget restraints, you are choosing between i5-vs-i7 and a somewhat better GPU, go with the GPU. Unless you are twitch streaming, processing a LOT of video or similar tasks, the i7’s extra threads probably will not matter.

agree on both of you… the reason why I want to change my cpu is because the beast I have now is producing a tremendous amount of heat…

but my cpu is my lowest priority atm for sure

Here is what I would purchase first (and why)

  1. SSD
    This is something that will survive for many years to come and can be transferred from build to build if cared for properly.
    A lot of people consider an SSD to be the best ‘bang for the buck’ upgrade that can be done for a system.
    I would get the largest SSD you can afford from a reputable manufacturer (ie: Samsung)

Note 1: There is not much need to go above ~500 GB unless you want everything stored on your SSD - i suggest just putting the OS ad your most used programs (games) on the SSD
Note 2: Keep the HDD for archive files and less frequently used / less performance critical programs

  1. GTX 1080
    If you are sure this is the right card for you - get that next - it will be the next largest improvement for your money based on what i can see from your current build. Though - it is also one of the more expensive upgrades.
    Stay away from the EVGA SC / FTW / Classified cards as they are having serious thermal issues and are still setting things on fire (unless the new FTW 2 series with iCX cooling releases before you buy - that may be more reliable and EVGA does have some of the best customer care in the industry)
    ASUS is currently producing some of the best 1080s - I just purchased a set of 1080 ROG OCs for my next build

  2. CPU / Mobo / RAM
    I would suggest moving to the newest processor that fits your needs.
    If you are just going to be gaming an i5 is more than adequate
    If you are going to be streaming an i7 may be prudent
    If you intend on doing any video editing / production / design / etc - an i7 would be a valuable addition

Obviously with the new intel chip comes the new motherboard - go for the Z270 series if you plan to overclock

With the newer generation CPUs comes the need to use DDR4 ram
Use ONLY one of the following speeds: 3200(OC)/ 3000(OC)/ 2800(OC)/ 2400(OC)/ 2133 (BASE)
I may be outdated on this information but my understanding is that a lot of the other speeds are very unstable

  1. 4K - I would do this last
    There is a lot of new tech keyed to be released in 2017 that is going to change the display market
    For example: quantum dot displays / HDR displays / 4k 144hz displays / OLED / etc etc etc
    If you are 100% keen on going 4k ASAP then ASUS and ACER are the two current top manufacturers in terms of quality for gaming displays

Just my 2 cents.
best of luck =)

yeah no rush…

Probably going SSD next. thinking of a 250gb card for SC and ED…
Then gpu, but that will be for q3 2017 (probably sooner lol)… after that the 4k monitor, as I want a second one anyway. and last but not least a new mobo/cpu/ram…

Wait, and then wait some more… Intel CPU’s are the way to go, Kaby Lake isn’t a good reason to upgrade for most of us, but for AMD users it’s a great reason to upgrade… but Cannon Lake will release towards the end of the year beginning of next year, if you can wait I’d wait until then.

I’d really question the move to a 4k monitor because it’s going to put a lot of pressure on you gtx 1080, possibly reducing your top end frame rates. What is the reason for moving to 4k? Would staying with 1080p or bumping to 2k be just as good eye wise with your current setup?

I guess I’m asking how big of a monitor are you going to buy and how close do you sit to it?

BTW buying stuff now for a computer you’re going to build in 8-12 months is a waste of time and money. Computer parts will be cheaper and faster down the road, and if you for example buy a SSD or HDD, you should wipe and reinstall completely when you install a new motherboard.

!00% This.

And absolutely do a fresh install when you switch motherboards.

installed the SSD and installed SC and ED on it… works perfectly…

now gonna save for some of the bigger stuff… tnx for the advise guys