What will it cost to play SC?

SC is so far the most costly game ever to be made, so what about the clientside of things, being a new player with no equipment for flightsims??

Well, first you have to buy a ship, cheapest option, decent setup: Aurora LN - USD 45,00 (inc. game)
Flightcontrolls - decent setup will cost approx USD 400,00 (Saitek X52Dig or X55 + rudderpedals)
Other important gear - IR5, adding USD 150,00
Client spec’s: [url]https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/2145055/#Comment_2145055[/url]
Upgrading PC, approx USD 500,00
SC will also need you to upgrade weapons and ship features I’m sure, if you wan’t to be competetive, add another USD 100,00

This brings us to the neat sum of USD 1.195,00

Just saying this will be the most expensive game ever, hope it will be worth it!

I wouldn’t worry about buying upgrades with real money… in PU you should be able to fund weapon and ship upgrades via in game currency.

In addition what JayC said, I believe in-game activity will be much more valuable to our org then spending real-life money and hence will automatically translate into more in-game funds.

To play SC obviously all the ‘gear’ is not essential. To be, let’s say a ‘force’ in SC however (M&K exclusions apply), this estimation could be justified excluding the final 100USD. The cost is impossible to predict as the range of players will vary hugely. Star Citizen grabs attention from your casual gamer through to your simulator enthusiasts. Still, Star Citizen is not cheap and I have never spent more money on a game and the peripherals for the game ever before, even in a situation as a student when I should probably putting this money elsewhere. Your investment in Star Citizen at the end of day is based off how much enjoyment you anticipate getting off CIG’s final product. Why spend a thousand dollars if you aren’t even sure you’ll enjoy the game? Wait for release. If expectations are met, then costs will in my opinion be 100% justified, but still, the early state development outlines a problem in definitively answering this question.

Protip - Spend as much money as you can on SC.

Indeed, even excluding all the stuff I bought which wasn’t for SC specifically, I have already spent twice what I tend to spend at most.

$535.00 in total it says on the RSI page.

But really, all you really have to buy is the game basically and that’s not too much.

Yeh, you are right oc. SC is so hyped, you know what I mean?.. Must be the first game ever that people spend so mutch money, even its not released yet. Must say it looks cool, so far anyways. Just is kind of crazy to spend this kind of money on a pc game, I understand that the enthusiast would do it, it’s they’r hobby.
The whole game seems to be a money factory for RSI, just think about it, when millions of gamers start upgrading? I read somewhere that its 400K backers at this time? Wow, I guess C.R has his fortune in making!

Anyways, can’t wait…depressing, I’m 57, lol!

You are in your best years then!
Said the guy who will be 22 this year. :wink:

For me so far, about $180 USD pledged.

To go:
A high end GPU 475€
8GB RAM DDR3 125€
G-Sync display 400€
SSD memory 250GB 150€
HOTAS setup 150€
ORVR or Track IR 200€
= 1,500€

  • 155€ ($180USD)
    = 1,655€

To be honest absolute minimum would be the GPU for me, but G-Sync display and SSD memory are only luxury items for me at this current point.

I’d consider skipping the SSD and looking at a SSHD, they’re almost as fast in real world use cases, but you get a lot more physical storage than the SSD’s for less money.