What is your favorite ship in your hangar?


After a long period of inactivity with just about every facet of my life, I returned and realized how overwhelmingly large this community is. Which can be quite discouraging to be honest. Sometimes being in larger gaming communities can have this effect on new members. So I have decided to take matters into my own hands, own up to the responsibility, and get to know all of you. Bit by bit.

So I present to you a question, which usually is an effective tool in communication.

What is your favorite ship in your hangar right now?
If you can’t simply decide, list the top three at least.
Just to make sure that this doesn’t turn into a post that brags about people’s economic position, What is your favorite ship that you plan on grabbing at launch?

My favorite would be the aurora ES. But you should hop on mumble, that is the cool spot where most of us hang out!

I still have nightmares about the aurora and spending 5 plus minutes trying to get out without entering either the bed or the cockpit for the 10th time. I always opened the door behind me too :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways my favorite ship is the ship I’m flying at that moment.

But ya, best place to get to know us is on mumble and to come fly with us on a friday flight night. :slight_smile:

Avenger Titan.

It’s not pretty like the new ships.
It’s not top of the line.
It’s not the strongest.

But out of all the ships I’ve had a go at, including the Hornet and Sabre, as well as those borrowed and provided by the electronic store, I’ve definitely been flying with it the most. Even when I eventually move on to newer and stronger ships when the game releases I think I will be keeping it around.

I miss the old HUD for the Avenger.

Sinfony, welcome back! Get on mumble!!! DO IT! :laughing:

Them’s fight’in werds, the space pen’guin is real purdy like.
It looks pretty modern to me.
For its size it is pretty darn tough. I’ve been surprised the beating it can take in player ambushes, and still keep fighting.

About the only thing I utterly hate is getting into it, and worse still trying to get back out without getting my head stuck in the ceiling.
I would take a sabre or super hornet over it though if it was a choice.

Mine would be the Sabre; of course most of the ships in my fleet are not even hanger ready. (Hope to see them late next year.)

True, true. I was surprised too at its durability and thus that’s one of the aspects I like.

Yea… still waiting on CiG to do a pass over the ships and allow us to use the side ladder like the Freelancer. Would make getting in and out much simpler. I’m not a ship-combat-orientated guy though so I’m happy with the Titan’s cargo space and bed over having a million-trillion guns.

It is a very nice ship, one I am planning on keeping in my inventory as it can do a little bit of everything, and fights pretty good too. The Avenger Titan and the Aurora LN are my two main suggestions for starter ships.

I am a fan of the simple utility craft the Argo I think it’s just neat.

I love to view my Gladiator gleaming in the quite cave of my hanger as it stares back at me growling, and asking for it to be let out.

I like the way this ship gives you a sense of dominance, knowing that you can deal with an opponent in more than one way. Match up all four guns to play and let the good times roll. Have the urge to drop 10 missiles at your target? Just press the trigger. Just don’t get too cocky and get close to your own explosions. It can take the punishment too… learn to fly her well and you will be impressed.

  • Devrak

It’s the Glaive until the 19th. :wink:

I love my bog standard Avenger Stalker!