What are you guys n gals doing until 3.15?

as the title says, what are u doing / planning for 3.15? just wondering because i have things in mind…

i have a msr, a mole, a harbinger and a gladius. i think i will make a few bounties with the harbinger and gladius to finance the laser heads and modules for my mole (will probably pledge a prospector if i have to go solo). then get some quantanium orders in and then going back to do bounties for reputation.

what are your plans? i’m in “mining and salvage”. are there ppl who wanna team up?

until 3.15 i’m reading a lot of your theory (formation flight, etc.) and i am very impressed! i have much to learn but it sounds awesome. not even close to be able to do these things but yeah, looking forward to it.

and a maybe controversial question but what is more effective, a mole (with 4 ppl) or 3 prospectors? GO! :slight_smile:


Well, I’m thinking about how I’m going to build back my credits in Star Citizen and waiting for the full release of New World.

Really hope cargo is back to a level we can make some funds…at least in neighborhood of bounty missions.


Once my infinite loading screen is replaced with a game I plane to make a series of videos based on going full-tilt between two given points using a variety of land-based craft.

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sounds interesting, pls give us the link£/channel to watch that :slight_smile:

I hope we can make aUEC in many different activities instead of just a couple.

True…something besides mining, bounties, and cargo would be nice…soon™

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