Jay is gonna be so friggin proud :smiley:

Zarkloard, the recruiting staff, Jay and anyone who assisted with recruiting deserves a great deal of the credit. This was a team effort and we have not sacrificed the quality of our new members. The quality and quantity we need is no where as easy to achieve as it is for organizations that accept anyone.

There is more work to be done, but this is an important achievement as it makes us a more attractive group to anyone who studies the 50% instantiating or who wants to achieve what only tier one sized organizations can.

Thank you

Moar European players!

We are serious about our international presence so anyone in those time zones who can help us recruit in chat, please contact Zarkloard.

YES! Well played gents, well played indeed.

Good Job guys!
Sorry, been afk due to some sickness in the family. Perhaps I could find the time to join in on a recruitment drive towards europeans…

sure bro sounds great. need to hit 400 soon :smiley:

Well I’m Swedish (north Europe)! :smiley: However I was misplaced into the east coast section of the organization rooster! :unamused: Not the most urgent of matters, but to whoever made the summery (awesome work btw!). I would be greatfull if I could be displayed as a part of the EU logistics team in the next patch! :slight_smile: Cheers!

//Thanks in advance, Bradawski!

Best way to get this fixed is to hop on teamspeak, and talk to a Director or Admin so we can fix the spreadsheet that is used to generate the rooster.

Yeah, sure I could do that! I still need to get over with the first impressions to gain “member” rank anyhow. Problem is, I do not currently own a headset. I will consider maybe buying myself an early chrismas present this year! :wink:

Yeah, until you get on teamspeak, and get on boarded you won’t get ‘member’ rank in the org, or be added to the website roster. Headsets are very cheap :wink: