WBuckley - Prospective Member

Greetings All, I’m a new prospect to ADI for Star Citizen and I’ve been a backer of SC since Nov 2015.
As SC progresses it’s super exciting to see all of the possibilities come to life.

I also filled out the gdocs application form as requested. I sent an email to recruitment earlier to let them know I’ll be on-line in mumble tomorrow evening ( Thursday ) around 6pm MST since I do have to work and need to install mumble.

Unfortunately, work has gotten in the way of my fun, as usual. So it may be a couple more hours before i’m able to jump into mumble. Just wanted to let you know, in the event someone was waiting to talk to me.

I was able to change my Handle in SC to WTBuckley. I’ll jump on Mumble to see what i need to do to change the forums to fix that.

Holy posts Batman! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding!

Welcome to ADI! It was nice getting to know you in Blackwell’s. Your joystick and simpit setup sounds pretty cool. Hopefully you can share some pics of it in the future and maybe convince me to give HOTAS a shot.

Don’t forget that we have our flight night tomorrow. If you can join us it would be a great way for you to meet other members and experience how we do Org missions and coordinated flight.

If you ever have any questions or need help with anything, please reach out to me directly or hop on mumble and I’m sure you can find someone who will be able to assist.

Again, welcome, and I’ll see you in the 'Verse!

Hey WTBuckley, Very Nice Chatting with you tonight! Welcome to ADI, I’m glad you’re here. Our mumble server is a great way to connect with others and get to know what’s going on around here. You may also enjoy some of the lively discussions being held over on our Discord channels. Hope to see you out there…

Welcome WBuckley,

thanks for taking some time to check out ADI, and welcome aboard!

Any thoughts yet as to what Division you’re considering? Hopefully you were able to partake in yesterdays Friday night Flight night, and learned a little about how ADI operates. If not, be sure to check those out. We hold both an EU as well as US based session, but you’re welcome to partake in either or both. In the meantime, be sure to take some time to get settled in and continue to hop on Mumble in order to become a little more familiarized with some of the many members we have, alongside the ones in your division…doing this will help you on in the long run, especially with us moving closer and closer to the SC 3.0 release. Until then, be sure to check out and hang out in some of the more active games such as ARK, ARMA, PUBG and or BF1.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions, and once again welcome to the ADI family!

Hello WBuckley and welcome to ADI! I’ve missed you on Mumble but I look forward to talking to you in the future and also in the 'verse! If you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will do whatever we can. Fly safe!

Welcome WBuckley,

Glad to have you with us! I’m glad to hear you have mumble. Be sure to check out other games too, if you like, while we wait for more content to come out from SC. I look forward to chatting with online if we’re ever online at the same time.

Hello WTBuckley,

Welcome to ADI.
If you have any questions, call us and we will help you. As you can see, we dont bite, except for cookies.
Feel free to join us, like others said, in our events.

See you soon around port olisar