Watching StarCitizen presentation at Gamescom Live! … esentation

That was freaking outstanding. Proves that the work on the project is real and everything is coming together, slowly but surely.

Yeah, I agree. The Multi-Crew update looked really good (with the exception of the Retaliator issue) and the promise of the Social Module coming soon seems promising. Moving fluidly from spaceflight to FPS and moving to the 64-bit system for AC 2.0 seem to be the biggest humps for them to clear right now.

I watched it yesterday as well. It was amazing! I am officially on the hype train for this game now! Dream game indeed :slight_smile:

its nice to see all the pieces such as 64 bit maps , multi crew ,the start of ship modularity ,social module all beginning to line up and look super shiny nice .It certainly should go a long way to allaying some of he fears of the backers .Will it convince the haters ? would anything ? Fuck em !

I think it was very good as well. It should relieve those who have been fearful.

Presentation was very good even with all the small issues present (dammit, Jared!). One thing that made me chuckle though were distances presented. Q-drive travel for ~3000 km should not take several seconds. Same time spent in real 0.2c travel would take you about 1 million km away (unless I screwed up the math :slight_smile:) from the point of origin. But that’s a really minor issue.
I have already seen some articles on game sites and although there still are some uninformed people with no knowledge about the game or development process it takes, most of the reactions were very positive.

I think Chris Roberts misspoke there; not sure if the distance was to be 30,000 km or more, but we are all sure he didn’t mean 3,000 km.

Yes, all of the above, much coolness indeed… and how about the “sneak peek” at the new Star Citizen Saitek gear! I wounder how the track balls built into the new HOTAS will work out? Seems like a nice marriage between HOTAS & mouse targeting!?!

He did misspoke the distance. Some time before he said it were appromaxetly 300.000 km and there is a distance on the screen as well.

The distance shown at the screen was over 3 000 000 meters = 3 000 km. That’s why I hope it was a minor bug with unit display (shown m instead of km). If not - what is this, universe for ants? :slight_smile:

Yes, I realize the scale is way down so the travel won’t feel excessively long and boring but still…

hey thanks for the screenshot!

Ok i didn’t realised that it states meter instead of kilometers. So 3000 km ist not so much for a System and for the quantum drive but current maps are only 8 km in diameter. So its an example of the large world. And for longer distances i think quantum drive will accelarate until the stated 0.2c I dont think the quantum drive reached full speed in the example.

And keep in mind that was a derelict at an Asteroid field at the second moon of the gas giant which chris said is over 176.000 km (pls correct me if i remember the wrong number) in Diameter. This was not the whole System