Warhammer: End times Vermintide

Just wondering if there is anyone other than me playing this…and if there is…would teaming up be a possiblilty?

Maybe a Space Marine WH40K game, but this one… er… not so much.

Had pre ordered it but forgot to install, which I’m doing now, so yes I will be playing.

Username will most likely be 50stone.

Not really my cup of tea, I prefer the 40k universe.

Playing just about every night around 8PM Est. Add me on steam if you want to play. Steam name = NeoStalker

I played in Alpha but I do not have the retail/live version. I normally get games donated much later when prices drop.

I have this also, looking for people to play with, add me on steam: Sommdiggedy is my handle

Played it for a bit after release but never seemed to get anything for the character I enjoyed playing the most (Dwarf Ranger) so my interest has waned a bit since. Also with Rainbow 6 Siege and now 2.0 out there are better sinks for my time :slight_smile:

I also played it when it first came out, but it really didn’t have the end game that DoAC had so after a few months I stopped playing.