Want to play? EVE, Star Conflict, and FireFall.

These are a few games with some similarities to Star Citizen that might be useful for either training or just some team building and fun together as a group.

EVE Online - “MMORTS” - I played EVE for 4 years. I can only really explain it as an MMORTS in space with ships, levels, and crafting, however it is MUCH more than that and worth our time. It would be good for us in the sense that it requires a lot of coordination to do well in PVP or the high level PVE missions. Unfortunately it is not completely free to play, but I think they have a free trial. It is possible to buy game time with in-game credits though which I did for the last year that I played. It is available on Steam and their own site.

Star Conflict - “Third Person Flight Shooter” - Star Conflict can be explained as a combination of Freelancer, Freespace, APB, and Battlefield. There is a PVP mode and a PVE mode, both of which require a lot of coordination to do well. The maps are pretty big and missions are objective based. It is entirely free to play and all payment options are convenience and cosmetic. It is available on Steam.

FireFall - “MMOFPS” - FireFall can be explained as a combination of Tribes, Starship Troopers, Planetside, Global Agenda, and Star Wars Galaxies. FireFall is all PVE. Think of it like Planetside but all PVE and you fight Ai controlled Aliens for territory. Everyone has a jet pack so there is another dimension to combat. There are classes and unique weapons for each. There is a leveling system and a massive crafting system as well. There is a lot of new content that has been added in the last few months. It is free to play but currently not available on steam.

Let me know what you guys think!

I’m down to f… PLAY Firefall again.

Thanks for replying guys, I honestly thought that more people would be interested though.

I work a lot this month so I can’t really make a plan for us to play this stuff yet. January should be better and I will try to get something planned.


I’d think by January we’ll have the DFM and will be busy with it. Right now I’m trying to put as many guys through basic flight training as possible to get them ready to help teach the new guys when DFM comes out.

What if it gets delayed again? I’m just trying to think of something we can play together that is persistent and similar to Star Citizen to help us develop as a team until Dogfighting or Alpha.

I don’t see DFM getting delayed past Feb at the latest… I think we’ll be plenty busy teaching basic flight until then… I really don’t want to send guys into games that don’t have a high fidelity flight model…

Obviously EVE is a no go… Star Conflict is a 3D mouse shooter set in space… I’ve not looked at FireFall but I will.

Most of the guys going for combat pilot are flying in BMS trying to get their basic flight skills, formation flying, and very basic air to air tactics down.

Many other games that’s possible, humble bundle has a great deal on fun games today. Got myself orcs must die 1 and 2 and garys mod for just 6 bucks. Also a lot of other games i don’t remember atm.


and yes, its not a scam, it works. I got a ton of cheap games from there.

Got a spare garys mod key if anyone wants btw.