VKB Gladiator NXT

Hey all,

There is some new tech coming out soon by VKB. I plan to get left and right sticks to do HOSAS and then as you can see (link below) they will be coming out with modules to add on to it, like a throttle and some other cool looking stuff.

I have yet to try VKB, but have only heard good things. Check out this announcement if you are interested…just wait to order yours after I do mine, lol.


Also sorry I originally posted this in members only, and I don’t think that was the place for that, I deleted the post there. Sorry about that.

Just put the order in for my Dual Glad. NXT’s. Going HOSAS, and will get the throttle module once it is released. It will probably be a couple weeks before I get them, but I can’t wait to crash my ship using HOSAS instead of k/b and a bunk stick. HOSAS will bring my crashing experience to a 10/10 !

Jokes aside, I am psyched to fly HOSAS, I even had a dream about it the other night.

Hopefully it works out for you in comfort and long periods of flying.

Yea it should, i plan on rigging up some 2x4’s as desk mounts to have my sticks ergonomically placed in my hands…the longest I ever play anyway is 2 hours usually, and as of yet not every instance of my game time has required my hands at the controls, so I should have ample opportunity to stretch and what not.

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