Vanduul Swarm Record

Hey fellas,

I’m looking to see how we stack up. I need some motivation to do better. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, post here your Vanduul Swarm record/progress!

I’ll go first.
Completed wave 12: Using F7C-M Hornet

We can work one on one to help

My best record with ChaosBloodmoon:

Arena Commander 1.01
Wave 18
~26 minutes :smiley:

Both flying F7CMs

Well now I know what to beat haha. I don’t see how you did it in 25 minutes though. Took me an hour to get to 12.

Hrm… I think it was me, Tau, Instantaneous and a brand new member (sorry forgot who, please remind me)… Completed 18 waves in about 22 mins and change, 3 losses total.

But are asking for single, double, triple or quard team run to times?


Most runs having two wingman we have completed all 18 waves using F7C-M Hornets.

Ah, I don’t have the pleasure of being able to fly with people yet :frowning:
Figured I’d also rather not embarrass myself until I knew what I was doing :stuck_out_tongue:

I have gotten a full 102k finishing wave 18 solo in an F7CM… no omnisky’s either. But I will have to do it again to get a screenshot sadly.

[attachment=0]image.jpg[/attachment]Rocked out 22mins w magic squid last night!

I think my best solo performance was getting to wave 18 and killing 2 aces in my Hornet Tracker. Made it to Wave 11 before my first death. :slight_smile: