User folder

Due to a problem with the vive not being able to handle special signs in the user name of your windows user folder.

Is ther any way to change the name of the user folder without causing problems or should I jst give up and reinstall everything and set up mail,mumble and such on another user account?

You can create a new user,
Export your current profile,
Then import it to your new user.

Should take less than 20-min (depending on your profile) & is way faster than a full reload.

That sound good…how do I go about doing this?

You should tell us first what version of windows you are running.

@Crue I’m not entirely sure what your talking about when you mention importing and exporting, do you mean windows 7 easy transfer?

In a nutshell “Yes”

WET was available in Win7

Turned out he had Win10, which doesn’t have a similar feature. (why MS… why!!!)

Long-story short - He copied his profile to another partition, made a new profile, then copied that backup to the new profile.