Upgraded my rig help with mumble connection

I upgraded my rig, and the cert for mumble was on one of the ssd that was formatted, cant get on to mumble atm.

get on to mumble and hopefully someone will help you =)

As soon as i try to log on it requires a password

Hi Nova, I do not know the answer but I’ve just linked this post and asked the question in the Tech-Talk chat on the ADI discord forum. Hopefully someone will pick it up then pop in here with the solution.
Fingers crossed.

Have you trying adding a 1 to the end of your name and log on?

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get a new account, logg on, and we will change the name to the old one.

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Hey @NovatorSegador

Here is what you do.
When trying to connect to the ADI Mumble server you have to go in and put a 1 at the end of your username. This let you connect to the server but without any Mumbel permissions. Just wait in the Lobby and a staff member will come as soon as possible to get you all fixed.

i did same username but with 1 at the end and my email. as soon as i connect it request password

Your email?

You only have to put a 1 at the end of your username.
It should look like this but with your username of course:
Mumble connect

Thank you, email was on the cert creation, just had to edit the serever config on the connect page, im in now

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I’m helping him now.


This tech issue (Mumble cert issue) have been solved.

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