Updated Mumble and nowit don't work

So I updated Mumble today to jump in and see how everyone is and play
SC for a bit and now I lost all the settings and don’t know how to fix it. Please provide a link or instructions to get it back up and connected to your server.

Thank you…

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Morning @Baalduron,
Add a 1 to the end of your name and then login to mumble. If there’s a teamlead online they will help you get this sorted.

Thank you Zebra, I am unable to connect to a server, I seem to have lost all of the information. I have no server to connect to and have not been able to even add a name. Is there a page in the forums that has instructions on the basic set up?

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NW, does this help: Setup Mumble - Atlas Defense Industries

EDIT: See above link, should have all necessary information. If you still have the certificate you used previously it will still work when you load it into mumble.

I was actually reading that page when I came back to check. There is no option to add or select a server. When I click on connect nothing happens, there isn’t a new window and if I click on Mumble again it pings like I need to close a window to access the main page. If I hit esc then I can interact with Mumble again. I found my Cert… So that is correct however i am unable to add a server or join one as there is no server to join rn.

What about under Network? It is set to direct connect. That seems wrong, HTTPS: (Proxy)??

I think I fixed it, thank you…


Did the link above help resolve or was it another issue?

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