Unwanted DIY hesdtrack IR (UK)

Hi everyone, I’m getting rid of my headtrack IR as I’ve just bought a Tobii device. Anyone interested?

It’s a DIY kit and doesn’t look great but it works a charm and only loses IR LOS when looking to edges of monitor.

It’s made up of one of the same 3d model as this: Gaming Head Tracker Head Clip for IR Head Tracking or TrackIR Replacement Clip. 6490164178310 | eBay
The bulbs and wires I did myself and it’s soldered and fully assembled. You’ll need a couple of cableties to connect it to your headset.

There’s a ‘modified’ PS3 eye cam
By ‘modified’ I mean that I’ve glued a ir filter over the front of the external lense - it’s functional :man_shrugging:t3:

There’s also a universal PS3 eye cam monitor / TV clip which I had to use with a bit of blue tac in order to balance in the right position. Upon checking this I lost the original bolt which added to the pain of getting it into the correct position.

The two programs I use to get it working are “FaceTrackNoir IR V200” and “CL-Eye test”. They’re both available for free but I did donate to the FaceTrackNoir developer.

£30 sound ok and I’ll pay postage to anyone in UK. I can post elsewhere if anyone else is interested.

Before buying it, please consider how it’ll fit to your headset!

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