Unread posts functionality

Hi, is it possible to add a post counter to the unread posts link and a “mark all forums read” button?
I found this addon Unread posts mod to be used across many boards and I find it greatly improving the phpbb forum experience.

This mod only works with a very limited number of phpbb styles, the one we use is not on the list.

Ok, thanks for your reply (:

I have a second question I’d like to ask… is it possible to change the forum skin?

It’s possible, but why would we? It matches the frontpage of the site for a reason.

True that. I do however mostly keep the front page and forum in separate tabs and the site style consistency seems expendable for me considering the possible gain of improved readability and/or functionality.

My friend just poked me that the “mark all forums button” has been around for quite a time and it appears I simply failed to notice it.
I do apologize for the hassle. Nevertheless, in case there is an option to unlock user swappable themes I’d welcome it wholeheartedly.