Unallocated space on SSD Boot Drive

I am unsure what I need to do to make this space allocated and healthy. Hopefully not reformat but if necessary I just need to know what to do to create a proper partition that will allocate. Thank you for review.

That space is nothing to worry about. Did you perhaps get rid of a diagnostic partition or something? Dell likes to put those on their systems.

Also, not a good idea to mess around with the beginning of the primary partition. Very easy to make it unbootable. However, I would advise running the tool for whatever brand of SSD you have. Let it check and make sure everything is aligned, various other optimizations specific to SSDs. For example Samsung has Magician.

Past experience indicates some disks create a section of the disk for restoration of HD, like an image or the actual setup disks. The section is not normally accessible or recognized by your OS. Only when you boot into trouble shooting mode. If it’s not a very large section of your SSD, leave it alone.

If your OCD about it, you can get disk management software for $30-60 that will allow you to resection and reclaim it, but bear in mind, it got there for some reason… it might be diagnostics or recovery programs.

Good luck with your setup.

Sorry for digging up an somewhat old post. If you hadn’t figured it out as of yet, that 101M on your first disk is very likely a boot partition.