I am Twydyn (Twee Den). I am 37ish years old. I have been gaming since I was 7 or 8 starting with the atari 2600 that I spilled Kool Aid on. I have worked in the computer industry for 20+ years and manage a group from europe, USA, and India. I like to brew beer and have been planning on opening a brewery in the future (5+ years from now).

I just built my computer for Star Citizen specifically with a simpit, I am excited to join a well organized group to game with.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Twydyn!

Thank you for responding to my spectrum message and tackling your onboarding with us this afternoon. Sounds like you have quite the fleet of you own, and are interested in the great art of space trucking some degree. I look forward to running some convoys with you and seeing what the verse has to offer us!

Welcome @Twydyn,

thanks for your interest in ADI! also welcome to the group of sim-pits lol…there’s a few of us running some sick setups. I’ve linked them below…be sure to check them out.


Also be sure to take some time to get settled in and continue to hop on Mumble in order to become a little more familiarized with some of the many members we have…doing this will help you on in the long run, especially with us moving closer and closer to the SC 3.0 release. In the meantime, be sure to check out and hang out in some of the more active games such as ARK, ARMA, PUBG and or BF1 :smiley: while we push towards 3.0. ADI does host Friday night flight nights for Star Citizen (EU and US times respectively, but you’re more than welcome to join up with both) to help you practice your flying/ground pounding skills and become familiar with how ADI operates.

Anyways, be sure to let us know if you have any questions, and once again welcome to the ADI family!

Hey Twydyn!

Welcome! You’ll find plenty of us from homebrew areas (Wisconsin mostly :slight_smile:). Love that you built a rig for SC specifically, I kind of did the same thing about a year ago or so and it hums even in our alpha stages!

As Hyndrosa mentioned, quite a few active games (including Star Citizen), definitely hop on Mumble and Discord. Glad you’re aboard!


Heartly welcome to ADI Twydyn! It’s cool you built a computer for Star Citizen, as the others said, be sure to hop on Mumble and Discord, and join in on the fun!

Hi Twydyn,

welcome to ADI, hope to see you soon on a flight night and now i know, who brings the beer :laughing:

Hello Twydyn,

Once you open your brewery message me OK? :smiley: I’d love to check it out. If you don’t mind me asking, where is it going to be located?

Glad to have you with us here in ADI. All the best to you.

Welcome Twydyn,

You know where to reach us if you have any questions. Enjoy your time with us and we see us hopefully soon in the verse.